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14, May 2016: Are you looking for the best training providers for your education? My SIA Licence is your leading training provider based in London who will cater you with only the most credited courses that will land you a job. This is your chance to build your dreams. My SIA Licence moves you closer to your dream career and dream life.

As ed...

12 May 2016

27, April 2016: Genesis Learning is committed to fueling school innovation while empowering future student makers. They are responsible for serving schools that are also dedicated to putting their students at the center of the teaching and learning process. They set new heights on what a modern day school is. They offer different products as wel...

27 April 2016

26, April 2016: The EA had an accident and will be away for 2 weeks so you and another colleague have to cover for her. The boss asks you to make a presentation at the next management meeting which will be held in two days’ time.

The other EA is snowed under as she has to type up a massive report for the meeting and then has to prepare hersel...

26 April 2016
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