16 September 2014
early out program

The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA (AFA) and United Airlines today announced a one-time opportunity for Flight Attendants to voluntarily separate from the company with a payment up to $100,000. The Enhanced Early Out Program, announced in a joint letter from AFA Presidents Ken Diaz, Suzanne Hendricks and Marcus Valentino and management, is intended to resolve staffing issues at the airline and promote a landscape that supports the expedited negotiations underway for a joint contract. AFA issued the following comments on the unprecedented early out benefits for Flight Attendants:

"Today's historic announcement between AFA and management provides real options for Flight Attendants and a substantial commitment on the part of the airline to promote operational integration that recognizes the efforts of Flight Attendants. We are all engaged in an effort to ensure the success of United Airlines.

"This effort to mitigate disruptions caused by the transition to full operational integration, not only provides Flight Attendants an unprecedented Early-Out, but also recalls those who are currently on voluntary and involuntary furlough. Through our collective work, Flight Attendants will have a unique opportunity to continue moving up the seniority list and furthering their careers while providing the ability to pursue other endeavors to those who choose.

"Employee morale is critical. This early out package and end to furloughs and other staffing disruptions is reached outside of contract negotiations. Flight Attendants will not be held hostage to the uncertainty of job security as we negotiate an agreement that works for Flight Attendants and the airline."

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