China; 26, August 2016:, an e-store that sells all sorts of high-end poker cheating essentials, helps the poker players in deceiving their opponents and also the watchdogs at the casinos. The owners are of an opinion that the devices that they manufacture for their clients are actually tested thoroughly by their experts, who are veteran poker players. They said that besides placing high emphasis on innovation, they also ascribe equal importance to in-house testing of the poker cheating devices.

“Our factory in Guangdong, China does not only mass produce these high-end and sophisticated poker cheating devices, but we also make sure that the products actually work. Our testing experts are all veteran poker players who test how effective these devices actually are in laboratory conditions. For example, the IR contact lenses which we sell for poker cheating can scan cards from a distance. Our testers check how these lenses actually work by wearing the lenses and then scanning marked cards from different distances”, said a sales and marketing executive of

“We always aim to supply the latest poker cheating devices to our customers. However, at the same time, we have this onus of responsibility to carry out feasibility studies to understand how these poker cheating devices can actually help the players in casino environments. Generally, casinos are well-guarded and even members are thoroughly checked before they are allowed to get inside. But that does not mean one cannot cheat at poker games. With our invisible and near-invisible poker cheating devices and other accessories, one can easily win at poker games”, added the executive.

At present, sells IR contact lenses, IR sunglasses, poker analyzers, invisible ink marked poker cards, X ray contact lenses, hidden shirt button camera, smoke detector hidden camera and many other poker cheating devices at attractive prices. Besides, the company offers fast shipping, after-sales technical support, free poker cheating tips and advice, and many more useful products, tips and other important poker cheating essentials to their customers. The owners hope that they can increase export of their poker cheating contrivances.

About the Company: is a renowned e-store selling poker cheating devices.

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