13 January 2018
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Is NRAM Creating Market Volatility?

The Global Market for NRAM will grow to $850 million by 2023, up from $75 million in 2018, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 62.5%.

Report Includes:-
-Detailed analysis of the recent licensing deal by Fujitsu and why it signals wide-spread innovation and adoption is on the horizon.
-The first public disclosure of the proprietary chip design.
-How fitting NRAM production into the standard manufacturing process has kicked down the door for commercialization.
-Analysis of the applications NRAM is expected to impact, including the consumer electronics, mobile computing, IoT, enterprise storage, defense, aeronautics and automotive industries.
-Commentary on the recent $21 million in funding received by Nantero, inventors of NRAM technology.

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Chapter 1 Introduction
- Analysts' Credentials
- Chris Spivey
- Sinha G. Gaurav
- What is all the excitement about?
- Nantero's NRAM roadmap
- NRAM's market position
- Capital cost and setup
- Investor profile
- Investment structure
Chapter 2 Background
- RAM / Data types
- Types of RAM
- On the radar
- NRAM and its concept
- Properties and description of components
- NRAM vs. other non-volatile memory
- Qualitative analysis: NRAM vs other non-volatile memory
- Comparison of NRAM with other emerging memory technologies
- Carbon nanotube memristors
- Memristor and its application in non-volatile memory
- Properties of carbon NRAM
- Advantages of NRAM
- Important patents for NRAM
- Patent analysis
Chapter 3 Effect on the Market
- NRAM market future growth prospects
- Success parameters in the future
- NRAM market by application
- NRAM market by end-use industry
- NRAM market and its comparison with other non-volatile memory
- NRAM expected penetration by 2025
- Licensing of NRAM by different companies
- Conclusion
- Appendix
Chapter 4
- Conditions of purchase
- Report Subscriptions
- Custom Analyses

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