Blood plasma product is the extracted portion from the blood using fractionation process to deliver products rich in plasma proteins. These products are used as body fluids, antibodies and clotting factors in medical industries that aid in treatment of chronic ailments like auto-immune disorders and haemophilia. The global blood plasma product market is expected to witness a significant growth during the forecast period due to the high demand by a large pool of patients with no alternative therapeutic approach. Blood plasma product have a wide range of components that have clinical use such as, Albumin, Factor VIII, Factor IX, immunoglobulin, fibrinogen with their major applications in bleeding disorders (haemophilia, immunological disorders), massive hemorrhage and in traumatic injuries. Moreover, the presence of biomarkers in plasma adds to their application in clinical diagnosis of diseases. These factors will drive the growth of global blood plasma product market in future.

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According to a report by World Federation of Haemophilia, there are 304,362 people suffering from bleeding disorders such as, haemophilia, von Willebrand disease and others. The statistics depict 5.6% increase in prevalence of diseases from 2014-2015. The present therapeutics involve a continuous supply of plasma product as supplement. This increase in prevalence of bleeding disorders will drive a positive impact on the growth of the market during the forecast period 2017-2023. Moreover, government and private organization support blood donation programs to meet the rising demand of plasma, which will further drive the market growth. The growth of geriatric population results in the increase in prevalence of age related diseases such as, kidney disorder that requires blood plasma product as a therapeutic. These factors will drive the growth of the global blood plasma product market.

In June 2017, CSL Ltd., announced its first acquisition in Chinese market by acquiring Wuhan Zhong Yuan Rui De Biological Products Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of Humanwell Healthcare Co. Ltd. This will expand CSL Ltd. plasma collection and product portfolio in Asia Pacific’s blood plasma product market.

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In August 2016, Creat Group Corporation acquired Bio Products Laboratory Ltd., a plasma biotherapeutics company, to expand in the global blood plasma product market.

In December 2016, Grifols S.A. acquired Hologic Inc., that will strengthen its global position by incorporating Nucleic acid testing (NAT) technology to enable transfusion safety in blood and plasma donations.

The other key players in the global market are Shire Pls., Octapharma AG, Kedrion S.p.A, Biotest AG, China Biologic Products, Inc., Sanquin and LFB S.A.

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