23 April 2018
PunchOut catalog

No Login Credentials Required
Many times, login credentials are not easy to remember. However, as a PunchOut user (customer), you really don’t have to worry about entering username and password when accessing PunchOut catalog. Just a single mouse click gives you direct access to the supplier’s site and your Contract catalog opens in front of your computer screen.

Get Paid Faster
As a supplier, you get rid of all the manual processes involved in creating purchase order (PO) and invoice. PunchOut gives you the opportunity to receive PO and send invoice electronically. The PunchOut customer can also use (electronic fund transfer) EFT to make payments to you. You no longer have to wait for days to receive payments. In short, PunchOut removes all the obstacles related to payment and drastically reduces accounts receivables’ duration.

Better Customer Experience for Online Shoppers
Ecommerce giants like Amazon and ebay receive the maximum number of online orders daily. These sites provide a shopping experience like no other, hence earn repeated business. Now, you can provide the same hassle free shopping experience using PunchOut. No longer displaying those grid-layouts that are an eye-sore. You create an elegant Amazon-like shopping experience for your PunchOut customers, which can work wonders to increase sales.

One Ecommerce Store for all PunchOut Users

10 PunchOut customers does not mean, you should have 10 different Ecommerce stores. With just one Ecommerce store, you can connect PunchOut to any number of users. You don’t have to launch a separate Ecommerce store every time a new PunchOut user is added. It is just that the PunchOut catalog will be configured differently so that each user/customer will have access to his own Contract catalog that displays specific pricing information. Minimal maintenance is one of the biggest advantages of implementing PunchOut. Moreover, customer can access updated PunchOut catalog in real time.

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